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Electric clock repair

It is hard to imagine life without a clock. Timepieces measure the time that we wake and spend at leisure and at work. When clocks stop working, they can cause a lot of trouble which is why it pays to take good care of them. The electric clock works differently to the analog clock and will generally break down for different reasons as compared to analog clocks.

Cheap clocks

If your electric clock is cheap and if it stops working, then rather than spend money on electric clock repair, it makes more sense to buy a new one. If you are sure that electric clock repair is the right answer then be sure to check local craft shops and electronic shops for replacement mechanisms for electric clocks.

Loose hands

Loose hands are a common problem with electric clocks but this is a problem that can easily be repaired. Simply take a pair of pliers and squeeze both hands tight to the central shaft.


In case an electric clock stops working then the first electric clock repair step is to ensure that it is connected to an electric outlet and the electrical cord should not be damaged. If power is not a problem, then take the clock apart and remove dirt or anything that is obstructing the motor or the electric clock gears.

With the help of a multi-meter, do some testing on the field coil within the clock. Also, check whether the gears are worn out and replace the gears if they are worn out or damaged. This is again very simple electric clock repair that is not going to cost you much money.

Noisy clock

Sometimes, electric clocks start making too much noise and if this is the problem, then check if the shaft is dry and whether any parts have become loose. Simple electric clock repair steps in this regard include securing a noise making crystal with some silicone based adhesive. Also, take the motor mounting screws and tighten them and oil the motor shaft exit with some light oil. If you are attempting electric clock repair on your own, be sure that you always unplug the electric clock before trying to disassemble it.

If electric clock repair is required, then it is also necessary to know what materials and parts as well as tools are required to affect the repairs. It is best to purchase replacement parts from the clock manufacturer or a good aftermarket supplier. Large craft outlets generally have stocks of parts for digital clocks; so, be sure to check them out. Also, look for the following electric clock repair tools:

  • Pair of pliers
  • A few good screwdrivers of different sizes
  • One knife
  • Cleaner to clean out the electric contacts
  • A good multi-meter

Essentially, electric clock repair requires disassembling the electric clock which in turn requires unplugging the electric clock from the electric outlet. Remove the face cover and then remove screws from the case so as to be able to remove the motor and gears. If required, you need to also de-solder the electric cord leading from the field coil terminals.

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